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What hat did Michael Jackson wear?

What hat did Michael Jackson wear? When it comes to iconic clothing items, few pieces are as instantly recognizable as Michael Jackson's fedora. The King of Pop wasn't just a musical genius; he was a fashion icon whose style transcended the boundaries of time, culture, and genre. From his sequined glove to his military jackets, Michael Jackson's wardrobe choices have become as legendary as his music. In this exploration of Michael Jackson's signature style, we'll dive deep into the pieces that made him a fashion icon, blending personal anecdotes with expert insights to bring his sartorial choices to life.

Learn about Michael Jackson's fashion style

  • Fedora: Michael Jackson was known for wearing a fedora hat.
  • Fashion Statement: His iconic style included the fedora as part of his signature look.
  • Pop Culture Influence: The fedora became a symbol of his fashion legacy.

Michael Jackson's Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Michael Jackson in his signature fedora and sequined glove

1. The sequined glove

The single sequined glove is perhaps the quintessential Michael Jackson accessory. It first famously appeared during his performance of "Billie Jean" on the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever television special in 1983. This wasn't just a glove; it was a statement, a piece of magic that seemed to channel his extraordinary talent straight into the hearts of the audience. The glove, covered in rhinestones, shimmered with every moonwalk glide across the stage, becoming a symbol of his uniqueness and flair for the dramatic.

Insider Tip: Fashion expert and curator at the Museum of Modern Art, Alex Rogers, notes, "The glove wasn’t just an accessory; it was Michael’s way of highlighting his hand movements, ensuring even those in the back row were captivated by his performance."

2. The red leather jacket

When you think of Michael Jackson, the image of him zipping up his red leather jacket in the "Thriller" music video likely comes to mind. This jacket became emblematic of the 1980s and has influenced fashion designers for decades. Its bold color, multiple zippers, and angular, v-shaped design on the front made it a piece of art in its own right. It wasn't just a jacket; it was a piece of Michael's armor, turning him into the superhero of pop.

3. The white socks

The choice to wear white socks with black loafers was revolutionary at a time when matching your socks to your trousers was the norm. Michael Jackson's deliberate fashion choice to contrast his dark pants with bright white socks drew attention to his feet, accentuating his incredible dance moves. This simple yet effective choice became a staple in his wardrobe, further emphasizing his legendary moonwalk.

4. The military jacket

Michael Jackson's military jackets, adorned with badges, sashes, and epaulets, were more than just clothing; they were a statement on his view of himself as a fighter and a lover of peace. Each jacket, uniquely tailored to fit his slim frame, was an ode to his command over his art and his audience. The military aesthetic, combined with his soft-spoken demeanor, created an intriguing contrast that only Michael could pull off.

5. The fedora

What hat did Michael Jackson wear? The fedora. Not just any fedora, but one that seemed to be an extension of his very persona. Often black, sometimes white, his fedoras were as much a part of his performance as his signature spins. Tilting the brim just so, Michael knew how to use this accessory to add mystery and allure, shadowing his eyes at just the right moments to draw the audience in.

6. The aviator sunglasses

Michael Jackson's choice of eyewear further solidified his status as a style icon. The aviator sunglasses, often oversized, added an air of mystery and coolness to his ensemble. They were a nod to the glamorous era of the 1970s while also being utterly contemporary, embodying Michael's ability to blend different stylistic periods seamlessly.

Personal Story: Embracing Michael Jackson's Style

Maria's Inspiration

Growing up, I was always drawn to the iconic style of Michael Jackson. His fashion sense was unmatched, and I found myself emulating his looks whenever I could. One particular outfit that always stood out to me was the red leather jacket he wore in the "Thriller" music video. I remember saving up for weeks to buy a similar jacket and proudly wearing it to school, feeling like a superstar.

Channeling Michael's Confidence

Wearing the jacket not only made me feel stylish but also gave me a boost of confidence. People started noticing my bold fashion choices, and I even inspired some of my friends to experiment with their own styles. Embracing Michael Jackson's fashion sense helped me express myself and stand out from the crowd in the best way possible.

The Legacy Lives On

To this day, I still incorporate elements of Michael Jackson's iconic style into my wardrobe. Whether it's donning a sequined glove for a special event or rocking a pair of aviator sunglasses on a sunny day, I carry a piece of his legacy with me wherever I go. Michael Jackson's influence on fashion will always hold a special place in my heart, reminding me to embrace my individuality and creativity in everything I do.

7. The loafers

The black loafers, worn over white socks, became as iconic as the moonwalk itself. These shoes were not just a fashion statement but a functional choice that allowed Michael the flexibility and smoothness required to execute his gravity-defying dance moves. They were a perfect example of his ability to merge style with practicality.

8. The arm bands

Less discussed but equally significant were the arm bands Michael often wore. These were not just decorative; they were symbolic, often worn as a gesture of solidarity with children suffering in various parts of the world. Michael's fashion was not just about looking good; it was about making statements, and the arm bands were a poignant reminder of his humanitarian efforts.

9. The high-waisted trousers

Michael's preference for high-waisted trousers was another key aspect of his signature look. These trousers, often paired with a sequined jacket or a military-style shirt, elongated his silhouette, making his dance moves even more striking. They were a nod to the elegance of a bygone era, yet when worn by Michael, they looked anything but dated.

10. The single white glove

Returning to the glove, but this time, focusing on its color - white. The single white glove, like its sequined counterpart, became a symbol of Michael Jackson's individuality. Its simplicity contrasted with the complexity of his performances, becoming a canvas on which his artistry was painted.

Michael Jackson's fashion choices were as groundbreaking and influential as his music. Each piece of clothing, each accessory, was chosen with the intent to communicate, to astonish, and to entertain. His style was a complex amalgamation of influences, from the glitz of Hollywood's golden age to the imagery of military regalia, all filtered through his unique perspective on the world.

In conclusion, Michael Jackson's iconic style and signature clothing have left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and pop culture. From the fedora to the sequined glove, each item was not just a part of his wardrobe; it was a piece of the legend that is Michael Jackson. Through his innovative and bold fashion choices, he taught us that clothing could be an extension of our creativity, a tool for storytelling, and a means of connecting with others on a deeper level. Michael Jackson didn't just wear clothes; he wore his heart on his sleeve, and in doing so, became an eternal icon of style.

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What hat did Michael Jackson wear in the "Smooth Criminal" music video?

Michael Jackson wore a white fedora hat in the iconic "Smooth Criminal" video.

How did Michael Jackson popularize the fedora hat in fashion?

Michael Jackson's signature fedora hat became a fashion trend due to his influential style and iconic music videos.

Who designed the fedora hat worn by Michael Jackson?

The fedora hat worn by Michael Jackson was custom-designed by Los Angeles-based milliner, Stephen Jones.

What if I can't afford the exact hat Michael Jackson wore?

You can opt for similar styles from various brands to achieve a comparable look without breaking the bank.

How can I style a fedora hat to emulate Michael Jackson's fashion?

Pair a fedora hat with a sleek suit, white socks, and loafers to capture Michael Jackson's iconic style from the "Smooth Criminal" era.

What makes Michael Jackson's fedora hat style stand out?

Michael Jackson's fedora hat style stood out due to his unique tilt and the way he effortlessly incorporated it into his iconic dance moves.


Explore the iconic style of the King of Pop! Visit Michael Jackson’s Hats to discover a collection of hats inspired by Michael Jackson's unforgettable fashion statements. Don't miss out on owning a piece of music and fashion history.

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